Mobile Device Provisioning

Discover how Clinexion delivers connected health technology.

Digital Health Technology

Clinexion provides Provisioning services, for mobile devices needed for your next project, from central depot or warehouse locations to your project sites.


With efficient inventory management systems, Clinexion works to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery for your projects.  Clinexion’s depot distribution network can improve supply chain management and optimize device delivery for your projects.

Flexibility to meet your needs

Whether you select Clinexion’s full-service owned and managed inventory for a turnkey solution or provide your client-owned inventory via our Depot solution, Clinexion can provision mobile devices for your next project.


From provisioned tablets for sites to smartphones for subjects, we’ve got you covered with multiple solutions to fit your needs and budgets.

MDM Solutions

Well thought out MDM solutions means retained control of the provisioned devices.  Streamline the deployment of your mobile devices and ensure they are properly set up for immediate use by end-users.  Say goodbye to manual configurations, stay connected and enjoy reliable efficiency with seamless remote updates for all your provisioned mobile devices.

Project Management

Clinexion’s expert device provisioning project manager will handle device specifications, production schedules, logistics and all the details that matter to ensure project success every step of the way.