Clinexion has the right IoT connectivity tier or eSIM solution for your needs.

Global Connectivity

Keep your project site and end-users seamlessly connected with our global connectivity solutions.


With roaming partners in nearly every country Clinexion’s connectivity solutions will help you mitigate connection challenges and data overages.  Clinexion has the right IoT connectivity tier or eSIM solution for your needs.

Tagged SIMS by Project

Streamline your project management with “Tagged SIMS.”  


Say goodbye to the hassles of multiple data plans, individual device SIMs or wasting time managing data usage across your projects.

Our monthly reports and tailored data tier solutions will keep you focused on what matters most – your groundbreaking research project.

Advanced eSIM Technology

Clinexion’s eSIM technology provides flexibility in challenging areas where a remote update to a deployed device can shift the eSIM to an alternative roaming partner in the local area, mitigating connection challenges and accelerating data transfer.

Tiered eSIM Data Solutions

Enhance your project’s efficiency with our tiered data packages that address the specific needs of your on-board MDM configured applications. Whether your project’s applications require small packet transfer or large format data consumption, Clinexion will help you select the right data tier to mitigate overage costs while keeping your budget in check.  Explore the power of communication technology and global internet network connectivity for your IoT and Digital Health Technology needs.