Inventory Management

Clinexion offers an innovative Client Portal for Orders, Returns and Reporting

Clinexion’s Client Portal

Need a streamlined solution for mobile device inventory management?  


Access real-time visibility of orders, sites, fulfillment, delivery, returns and smart inventory dashboards so you can easily monitor allocations vs. remaining inventory.


Say goodbye to information challenges and manual tracking, save time and money on shipping logistics.

Client Portal Functions

Stay on top of your global device utilization with real-time monitoring and smart inventory dashboards. Streamline package delivery, storage, and supply chain distribution for seamless operations.

Add sites, place orders or initiate returns hassle-free through our convenient and secure online client portal.

Client Portal Reports

Clinexion provides your team direct access to a client facing portal with real-time updates and reports for all your projects.  Summary or detailed reports by country, site, or serialized device maintain the visibility you need to manage your forecasts.


From intake, warehousing and orders processing to fulfillment and on-time delivery to your project sites, we’ve got you covered.

Project Efficiency

Streamline your logistics delivery with Clinexion’s local depot representation reducing costly importation lead times, resources needed for proforma invoice processing and approvals, reduction of duties and fees, keeping budgets inline and increasing logistics efficiency.

Clinexion’s local depot representation mitigates the negative impacts that de-globalization may have on costs or timely enrolment of your important project.  Avoid the potentially months-long delivery timeline for required devices at your sites.

Global Logistics Experience

Clinexion provides deep intelligent procurement and global device logistics experience across 100’s of projects, hundreds-of-1000’s of serialized devices with history of delivery to 1000’s of sites within over 100 countries.


With Clinexion’s experience, you’ll have peace of mind and access to a global logistics network at your fingertips.  Streamline inventory, orders, shipping, import/export, and distribution to ensure smart delivery worldwide.