Mobile Device Provisioning


Clinexion provides a robust offering of digital health delivery services

End to End
Provisioning Solutions

Accelerate your business with our full-service device provisioning and avoid the hassles of in-house procurement, capital budgets and device life cycles.

From acquisition and inventory to orders and returns, we’ve got you covered. Benefit by utilizing Clinexion-owned inventory of smartphones, tablets, and global carrier agreements further avoiding sunk costs. Streamline your processes and unlock the power of technology with an inclusive global network connection data tier. Let us handle the details so you can focus on groundbreaking research.

provisioning solution

Leverage Clinexion’s worldwide depot locations and operational efficiency for your next project. Scalable inventory management, orders fulfillment & returns deliver efficient logistics solutions.

As an alternative to our turnkey End to End solutions, clients with their own devices can leverage our Depot solution for inventory management; we’ll handle intake, storage, orders fulfillment and returns of your inventory. Visibility of your portfolio is directly available through the Clinexion Client Portal.

Mobile Device Management

Secure mobile devices through our Mobile Device Management configurations. Safeguard your data and ensure reliability with MDM configurations that lock down devices, tailored to the needs of your projects. Clinexion manages MDM enrollment for both Android and Apple devices creating efficiency and scalability for your projects.


Clinexion’s global network access provides seamless connectivity and reliability for your clinical site and end-user needs. Stay ahead in the Digital Health Technology landscape with our innovative and industry leading eSIM solutions.

Fulfillment & Distribution

Improve your global distribution with our state-of-the-art ERP inventory management system. Streamline processes and mitigate delays for your next clinical trial.

Direct access to your projects via Clinexion’s Client Portal puts the actions for Site management, Orders fulfillment & Returns processing, along with a variety of summary or detailed project related inventory reports.

Procurement & Project Management

Level up your clinical trial management with our cutting-edge project management team. Utilize our experienced project management team to streamline resources, enhance quality control, maintain budgets, improve timelines, and exceed expectations.